About Direct Song:

DirectSong was created and founded by two brothers and British Academy Award winning composers Jeremy Soule and Julian Soule. Their work has contributed to various well-known entertainment properties such as Harry Potter and Star Wars. In the video games industry, they have created a Classical music revolution with young people by introducing symphonic music in today's highest selling video games. To date, their music has contributed to over 50 million unit sales and nearly $2 billion at retail.

Both brothers believe that Classical music is foundational to a healthy society and have worked hard to expand the knowledge and exposure of the Great Composers to today's youth. A percentage of the proceeds from this site are donated to various music educational and charitable foundations.

Whether you are a teacher, aspiring musician or a musical professional, you can enhance your knowledge of music today by simply visiting this site and exploring our various samples. We offer more than double the traditional sample lengths and our samples are at full-fidelity. We encourage you to discover, learn and edify your life with the sheer beauty of the masterpieces contained within these pages.

It is all too often that Classical music is overlooked. Don't let this happen to you! Learn what great minds have known and have enjoyed for ages--the beauty of The World's Greatest Music.

The DirectSong Team
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